Invest in upcoming solar power plants in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro contracted by local power grids and crypto mining farms with guaranteed 37% yearly returns for next 8 years. This won't make you a millionaire but will have enough for a daily ale or a few.

Few reasons this investment will bring actually more than just an ale to you and our planet

Energy costs are only set to rise and rise – meaning that by investing in solar panels now, you'll be earning daily for next 8. years with even possibility of skyrocket your R.O.I.

Anonymous payouts in crypto available

It takes only 2 minutes

Profit withdrawal anytime

More investment, more profit

Backed up by government

Or partnership with a leading energy suppliers

Investment bonuses

Get $10 upon your signup and $10 more for a friend

The mining process begins

on high-end equipment with 100% uptime

24/7 customer support

Available for withdrawal the same day

Press the “Register” button on the main page. You will be redirected to the registration.

Enter your valid email address (it will be used as your username to access the website).

Alternatively, you can register an account by using your social network account (Facebook) or via Gmail.

Flexible Investment Abilities

Choose Basic package for short term investments paying you enough to buy ale to a few per day. Upgrade to Standard and Professional investment packages for country dedicated long term investments.

How to invest in solar energy and profit for 8 years
Earn Ale A Day For Next 90 days!
ZigiPower Savings Account
Why invest in green energy?

You can also take a part and profit from participation in Blockchain technology development

Immersion cooling technology is the next-generation solution for our digital data center world. High-powered data centers are increasingly used for everything from internet searches to securing the Bitcoin Blockchain and it is crucial we make sure they are energy efficient, sustainable and productive.